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Rocker/ Wobble Boards

Balance boards are utilized in many different forms when used for rehabilitation or treatments. Individuals can use balance boards to effectively train their vestibular system, dynamic stability, proprioception and many other conditions. Babyboom Creations provides two different types of boards: Rocker boards and Wobble boards. Rocker boards are balance boards that move unilaterally as Wobble boards are balance boards that move multilaterally. All boards are made with Canadian wood and chemical free paint.

Pregnancy/Pediatric Pillows

Babyboom Creations is very involved with pregnant moms and their baby's. We provide pregnancy pillow sets that are specially designed for many different functions to tend to a pregnant mother, new mother or chiropractors who treat mothers. The set comes with two pillows. The smaller pillow is designed for a pregnancy mother in her first trimester, as well as a pediatric sized pillow for young infants. The larger pillow is used for second trimester and both pillows stacked on top of each other are used for the third trimester. All pillow covers are made from local seamstress and the pillows are high quality foam.

T-Shirts & Onesies

Babyboom Creations also provides many different styles of t-shirts in all sizes. We love to encourage practice members to wear chiropractic swag that shows they love their chiropractor and they are ready to take on the world after their treatments.

Myospots Canada


Developed based on the latest research into myofunctional therapy, Myospots is a unique and popular new tool for tongue elevation exercises, which treats mouth breathing fast.

With treatment as simple and easy as Myospots, you can address mouth breathing – which could address every problem listed above by focusing on the root cause instead of treating the symptoms. Even better, you and your child can easily use them at home.


Ninni Co Pacifier

Made of a 100% silicone, twice as soft as any pacifier on the market. Designed by moms to mimic actual breastfeeding movement. When baby latches on, instant relief. We feel your pain and know you need a break. Here it is.


Myomunchee (Pediatric and Adult)

In the last hundred years, the western industrialised lifestyle—with its soft foods, reduced nutritional diversity, and rapidly decreasing range of exercise— has essentially removed natural cues for healthy oral development. Chewing, swallowing and movement has been outsourced...until now!

This is a unique device that initiates natural chewing, tongue posture and closed mouth position; suitable 6 months of age and older!

Chiropractic Consultation and Appointment:

Dr. Jenna Davis focuses on infertility, pediatrics, newborn care, pre and postnatal and family wellness care.  To schedule an appointment with Dr. Jenna Davis for you and your family please contact Acorn Family Health and Wellness Centre, 905-844-9355 or

Complete Fertility Review

Often times a fresh pair of eyes or another opinion is wanted when it comes to evaluating and trying to boost our fertility or that of our patients.  Dr. Jenna Davis offers a complete file review, including but not limited to, all medical reports, test results and evaluations for both partners, chiropractic examination findings and care plans, files and notes from all other care providers including acupuncture, osteopathy, massage therapy, etc.

Phone Consultation

Phone consultations are a great way to maximize your time and ensure you get your exact questions answered.  Dr. Jenna Davis offers single and packages of phone consultations for chiropractors or other healthcare providers and/or individuals who are seeking more information on preconception, their fertility journey or for their infant or child. 


Dr. Jenna Davis accepts a few coaching clients per quarter.  Are you and/or your team looking to grow your practice, increase your confidence and certainty for a family wellness practice?  Would you like to see a jump in the number of infants/children and maximize your referral sources and co-management of fertility, pre/postnatal and pediatric practice members? Are you a female DC who is needing to understand and create balance in your ever changing roles between the clinic and home?  Let's talk!


If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.

If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you!


See What People Are Saying

"Dr. Jenna Davis is a dedicated health care professional, on a mission to make a difference in the lives of those she serves, whether practice members or fellow chiropractors. She brings a youthful perspective to health issues, with a particular interest for mothers and children, within a team approach. She has the ability to simplify concepts and make them real for her audience. Her zest for life is truly contagious"

-Dr. Gilles LaMarche

Keynote Speaking

To hire Dr. Jenna Davis for your upcoming event, conference, association meeting or to schedule a workshop event, please contact for availability and fee structure.  Book Dr. Jenna Davis

Practice Growth & Patient Education Products

The Dream Team DVD

Be WHO You Are Meant To BE

Would you like to feel empowered to be all you can be in every aspect of life? Have you wondered how to feel you are fulfilling your passion in work and in life? Healing begins the moment a patient steps through your door and continues well past the adjustment. The front team is THE key to help continue the practice members path towards wellness and an integral part in maximizing their experience. Dr. Jenna Davis will take you through exercises to help establish what your true passion is and relate it back to your role as a CA and in your life. She will help you discover where your strengths lie to ensure you are inspired at work, highly effective and have fun. Dr. Jenna Davis will show examples and give you tools to help ensure your clinic, from the Doctor right down to the pictures on the walls, is authentic and congruent with the message you want to share. Finally Dr. Davis will help educate you on the power of words we choose and how they are perceived. You will leave ready to ROCK on Monday, feel empowered and confident in how you can contribute to the success of your clinic and practice members and inspired to live your best life.​

Women's Health and Wellness DVD

What Every Female Patient Wishes Her Chiropractor Knew! 

Dr. Jenna Davis will take you on a journey of how to begin to understand and care for your female practice members. She will describe the unique aspects to female anatomy, postural distortions and neurology. Research and science will be used to explain hormonal interaction in a female’s body and how the chiropractic adjustment is integral in assisting to maintain proper balance. Dr. Davis will address PMS, infertility, anxiety and other conditions, discuss the link between the vertebral subluxation and these conditions and how to best support your female patient physically and emotionally. Communication and perception is integral in caring for your practice members and creating the transition to wellness. Dr. Davis has established creative and highly effective ways to educate and honour your patients that will resonate with the female psyche and link to their highest values. You will leave with the tools that you can use Monday to serve BIGGER, serve BETTER, and transition your practice to one of family wellness care.

Discover Your Unrivaled Abilities CD

Creating the practice your dreams!

Would you like to go to the office and never have it feel like work again? How can you attract the team, patients and referrals that fit your vision? Dr. Davis created this CD using step by step exercises to help you clearly determine your true passion.  You will learn tools to help discover your niche market and ensure it matches your passion. Throughout the process you will discover and/or reaffirm your unique talents that will be the driving force for your practice and life. As you progress you will rediscover your true purpose and vision for your clinic and create fresh, easy and effective marketing strategies that are congruent with your mission.  When you are done this workbook style CD you will have the tools to embrace your unrivaled abilities and create your ideal practice!  This CD is great for students, your team, new DCs and those simply wanting to learn and grow their practice with ease and FUN!

Special Offer


Special Offer:

Fit and Healthy Pregnancy Handout

Movement is the key to every part of not only mom-to-be's health and wellness but also that of her unborn baby!  Contact to receive this quick and easy handout to learn:

*Posture and Pregnancy and how do we check ourselves?

*Best tips for helping our posture when sitting, standing and sleeping during all stages of our pregnancy

*Top 5 benefits of exercise (backed by research) to you and your unborn baby

*Top 5 exercises essential for a fit and healthy pregnancy

Want to Learn More About Upcoming Events and Seminars?

To see where in the world Dr. Jenna will be next click here!

pediatric chiropractic adjustment and pips technique

Create Your Own Baby Boom
Friday  Building Blocks
3 hour Pediatric Intro, Neurology Review & ABC of Pediatric Practice
2 Day Advanced Pediatric Bootcamp and PIPS (Pediatric Intraoral Palate Specific) Technique Certification
Topic Include:
*Complete History &Examination Infant to Teenager
*Pediatric TMJD
*Oral Function, Tongue Tie Assessment, Clinical Impact, Care including Adjustments and Home Exercises
*Connection of Tongue Position, TMJ Alignment, Posture and Vagal Tone
*P.I.P.S. Technique Training Certification
(pediatric intraoral palate specific technique)
*Intraoral and Hands- On Technique Instruction
*Chiropractic adjusting Pediatrics and modifications for all ages and abilities
*Tonal Assessment
*Teenage Patient (Understanding Neurology, Development, Caring for them in practice)
*Primitive Reflex Assessment and how to work with Retained Primitive Reflexes (clinical implications, causes, assessment and exercises for integration)
*Modifications for Assessment, Care, Exercises and Care Plans for all ages and abilities
*Marketing to the Cultural Authorities
*Communication to enhance your reach with your practice members, improve referrals, retention, cultivate your referral network/team in your community and to grow your reach and level of service
Upcoming Dates:
April 26-28, 2024 - GTA In Person
**Please contact to be placed on the Waitlist**

Dr. Jenna Davis Pediatric Assessment and Primitive Reflexes

Dr. Jenna Davis Pediatrics

Baby Boom Creations 

2-day Pediatric Development

Certification Course

This course is for all healthcare providers looking to elevate their care of their pediatric practice members.  

We will cover so much for those first 5 years of life which has massive impact for long term development! Topics include Early Years and Stages of Neurodevelopment, Vagus Nerve & Intraoral Function, Developmental Milestones, Tonal Assessment, Sensory Processing, 5 Most Common and Clinically Relevant Primitive Reflexes, Developmental Screening Strategies for all abilities and Communication and the Team Approach. 

This course is packed with clinical pearls f​or all ages, how to assess from infancy to teenager/adult, and how to choose exercises and modify for different ages (including infancy) and abilities.   

If you want to elevate your understanding, expand your level of care and increase your level of service to your community this is the course for you!

(see above for more detailed description of the course)


AFC/CNAC Member, TMJD and CSK Team Discount (DC/Student)

Please include when you became a member in the comments as well as in the email.


Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks and months ahead.

Live Recorded On-Demand Options including a 1 hour debrief and assessment zoom call with
Dr. Jenna Davis after you complete the recordings

Pediatric Adjusting Certification - 0-2 years of age
Saturday 9-5:30pmSunday 8-1:30pm
Feb 3-4, 2024 - In person - Oakville, ON
April 20-21, 2024 - In person - Sudbury, ON

Advanced Pediatric Bootcamp 
including PIPS (Pediatric Intraoral Palate Specific) Technique Training and Certification
Friday 2:30-5:30pm
Saturday 9-5:30pm
Sunday 8-1:30pm
This is an In-Person and/or Live Recorded Course
(Please note, if you choose to receive the recorded course this will include a 1 hour debrief and assessment zoom call with Dr. Jenna Davis after you complete the recordings)
April 26-28, 2024 - Ontario, Canada
In person REFRESHER PIPS Technique and Advanced Intraoral Assessments
June 22, 2024

Pediatric Development Certification Course
(Open to all healthcare professionals working with or interested in elevating their pediatric care)
This is an On Demand course for 2024
(Please note, if you choose to receive the recorded course this will include a 1 hour debrief
zoom call with Dr. Jenna
Davis after you complete the recordings)

(go to the Seminars Page to see a detailed description of the course)
For more information or to be added to the waitlist please contact:

Oakville, ON

(If you are unable to attend please contact as soon as possible and your fees may be partially or fully applied to a future seminar. There are no refunds or transfer of registration to another attendee.)

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