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All Foam is Canadian High-Density Foam with a layer of memory foam for comfort

These pillows are high​ly durable, comfortable and have no off gassing

Fabric is Upholstery Grade and hand chosen by Dr. Jenna Davis and is constantly changing.  

If you love a certain cover buy it now as we may never have it in stock again once it is sold out!

(All purchases are subject to tax at checkout and shipping calculated separately)

Pediatric Pillows

These Canadian-Made Pillows are designed for working with your littlest of practice members!  Ideal for Chiropractors, Manual Therapists such as Massage Therapists, OTs, PTs, Osteopaths, IBCLCs, Dentists and all manual therapists to cradle baby in the perfect position for assessment and care.  

Parents also love these pillows for home use for comfortable tummy time, interactive awake time play, proper positioning for intraoral and body stretches and laying on their back while awake with no additional pressure on any part of their head/skull.

Covers Available:
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Designed to support our mummas-to-be in every stage of pregnancy as well as in their 4th Trimester!

Set of Pillows includes:

1 Small (1st Trimester, comfort laying down postnatally for breast engorgement or 

C-Section scar, doubles as Pediatric Adjusting Pillow); 

and 1 Large (2nd Trimester, older Infant Adjusting Pillow).  

These 2 pillows (small and large) then fit together perfectly to accommodate 

our 3rd Trimester mummas and those blessed with multiples!

Prenatal and Postnatal Pillows

Sold in a set of two (1 small and 1 large) and can be used by any manual therapist (chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists, physiotherapists), doulas, prenatal and postnatal care professionals or even for home use.

All covers are upholstery grade material, hand chosen by Dr. Jenna herself, have reinforced seams and use a serger to finish all edges (overcasting the edge of the fabric) and are washable.  

They are created to last for years to come!

(Shipping TBD and invoiced after purchase)

**Secondary or new covers can be purchased separately - see availability below**

Prenatal Pillow Set

$235-$265 USD + tax + shipping

(Choose Below in the drop down menu to order your specific cover choice)

(Shipping TBD and invoiced separately after purchase)


Covers Available:

Blue & Greens

Covers Available:

Sunrise Colours (Pink, Purples and Reds)

Covers Available:

Fun & Funky

Covers Available:

Covers ONLY for the Baby Boom Creations Pregnancy Pillow Set

These high quality, hand sewn covers feature upholstery grade fabric hand chosen by Dr. Jenna Davis herself!

They are cut and sewn by a local seamstress with the greatest attention to detail.

Please note that if purchased and used for any other pillow fit, durability and appearance are not guaranteed.

Covers Available: